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Download Prisma app for iPhone, iPad & IOS Devices

Prisma for iPhone : People across the world are turning amateur photos into elaborate works of art with a new viral app by using a great app that has just launched a few weeks back and has got more than 7.5 million users visiting to stores on a daily basis for downloading this app. As there are a number of apps that can convert your photos into paintings but they don’t provide you a very good quality of Images. There are plenty of apps and Photoshop filters that can do the job for you, but the effect is pretty limited.

Well, in this article I am going to introduce you to the most popular photos editing app nowadays, that is ‘Prisma app’ and I will also tell you the entire process included in the downloading procedure. Along with that I am also going to highlight every damn feature of this app. So without any delay let us jump to the introduction of this app.

What is prisma app all about?

Prisma has been one of the most popular apps recently being a new app it provides you a very different experience of adding effects to your photos which will make your instagram filters failed in front of its editing. This app was first launched for the ios platform and due to its popularity this app is now also available for android platforms as well. It lets you convert your picture into works of art that will make you complete astonished.


This app is as easy to use as instagram and this app has a very good user interface as all the filters are inspired by famous paintings, prisma is absolutely free to use as editing you photos using prisma will not cost you a single buck it has no hidden or external charges at all. Prisma also allows you to share your edited pictures to your friends and family members without any cost and you can even share your pictures through Facebook, instagram etc.

After enough of introduction, let me drag your attention to the main content that is the tutorial of downloading this app in your iphones and ipads.  So you will be able to get this app in your phone by simply following these steps:

Download Prisma app for iPhone, iPad & IOS

  • As this app is available in the app store hence you can directly download this app from there.
  • So the very first step is to open your apple store, Once you have opened your app store go to the search bar that is located on the top of your screen click on it and type ‘prisma app’ over there and then click on ‘search’ to get it.
  • Now, you will see the app on the results, just tap on it.
  • Click on ‘install’ and then click on ‘next’ to confirm the installation and allow this app to get download in your iPhone.
  • Now, installation process may take few more minutes and when it will get done it will notify you now you can open it and start editing.

So that how you can download this amazing app in your device and get your pictures done with the painting effects.

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