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Cinemabox for PC : Download Cinemabox on Windows & Mac

Cinemabox for pc : We all desire for entertainment to spice up our life. We all love watching movies and sitcoms and we need a partner to spend a lazy day. May times we waste our whole day looking out for the perfect link and downloading it. So to minimize the hard work, an app name Cinemabox came into existence. It is a complete free app which gives you option to watch your favorite movies and sitcoms online. Not only that you can even take it down to offline and watch it later on when you do not have internet connection. Cinemabox gives you option to choose your own preferred resolution. You can watch your favorite shows in HD quality without paying anything extra. Now think watching your shows on bid screen i.e. on your PC. Yes you can have this app in your pc by following few simple steps.

Cinemabox for PC,Laptop on windows XP 7 8 and Mac

There are many alternatives for cinemabox like showbox ,moviebox playbox and popcorntime HD, but still cinemabox outperforms all of them.

cinemabox for pc laptop on windows and mac

How to download cinemabox on windows PC & Laptop :

Let us go through the steps you need to go through before you can use this app.

  1. Cinemabox is an android app but it not present in the Google Playstore. Well, it is not because the app is not god enough but it is because Google Playstore has too many guidelines that an ap should follow before they can officially be in the store. And in case they violate on the rule the app gets banned.
  2. So to get this banned app there is another simple way that we can follow. It is the apk download. It is a way of Google to compensate against banning the apps.
  3. But before you acquire the app you need to fulfill a special requirement in your PC. You need to download an emulator or BlueStacks. This emulator will act as third party software and allow you to download any free android app you want.
  4. Downloading BlueStacks is simple. You need to go to our desired browser and go to web address This is the official site to download BlueStacks. There you will find the install button hit the button and the setup file will start downloading.cinemabox
  5. Once the download is complete, run the file and follow the steps and BlueStacks will be installed in your laptop in few minutes.
  6. After installing BlueStacks, go to your desired search engine and search for Cinemabox apk. The search engine will give you your desired results immediately.
  7. Select the suitable link from the results. It is suggested that you select the most recent and updated link or else you will need to update the app as soon as you install it. To avoid additional chaos download the updated link.
  8. After you are done with the download, right click on the link and run it with BlueStacks. You can now install the app.
  9. After the installation you can find your app in BlueStacks’ All Apps.

How to download Cinemabox for Macbook :

Cinemabox is not available for any of the iOS devices officially. Don’t get dissapointed we can help you out. Just follow the below steps to download cinemabox for mac.

  1. Download google chrome browser if you already have the chrome browser installed on you mac, then skip to step-2
  2. Goto Extension and add “ARC Welder Download” extension to your chrome browser. ARC welder turns all the apks into apps to use on your browser.
  3. Then Simply click on “Add App”
  4.  Open a new tab in your chrome browser and press ‘Apps’  as shown belowopen-apps
  5. You will get a list of apps from that select ARC Welder App as shown in the below  picture.launch-arc-welder
  6. You need choose a directory to load the apks. select as shown below hit-choose-in-arc-welder
  7. Download cinemabox apk to your mac. For that you need to Click here.
  8. In ARC Welder there’s a Add Apk option click on that and add the cinemabox apkhit-add-apk-in-arc-welder
  9. That’s it Enjoy now you can Cinemabox App on mac.

This app no doubt created a stir among the masses and gaining popularity every day. So do not hesitate to download this app and enjoy the bliss of the app.

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