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Showbox Apk for Android & iPhone

Showbox Apk Download : Showbox App for PC Android & iPhone

Showbox app download : Best Guide to download showbox for PC, iPad, iPhone and Android Apk.They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A moving picture is priceless, just like meeting your old friend unexpectedly, sodoes a great movie.  Movies are the best thing to do when you are alone and in search of entertainment. Movies mark the passage of time,if that is not enough, movies offer experiences that the brain is unable to distinguish from any other “reality”. But movies are not just for relaxation they also teach us many lessons.

So if you are in love with the movies and want to stream movies by sitting at your place then with help of technology it is possible now, all you need is a good internet access and a device on which you can download official showbox apk to stream showbox movies. There are thousands of apps that provides you the full package of entertainment that too free of cost.But showbox never fails to proves its self in the marathon of apps.

Download Showbox Apk : Showbox App for PC Android & iPhone

Yes! showbox is the most popular application that is filled with a lot amazing features which will make you astonished. To today, in this article I’m going to cover all the features and information regarding this amazing app.

Showbox app download for PC Android & IOS

Showbox app download for PC Android & IOS

Showbox App Features:

  • The first and the most amazing feature is that, showbox allows you to stream unlimited movies and TV shows without registration process and all formalities. You can directly stream for the movie or show you want to.
  • Another feature is that, showbox is absolutely free with no hidden or external charges.
  • You can watch any movie or TV shows on showbox no matter how old the movie or show is.
  • You can stream movies at low internet data usage that is you are able watch movies without much loss of data.
  • Showbox provides you the recommendations as well as you can see the latest release and most popular video at the home page.
  • It provides you the capability to change the resolution of a movies either you want to stream at high definition or at 480 p.
  • Showbox also allows you to share your favorite movies and shows with your showbox friends as well.

As I have already told you that it allows you to watch movies at every plat form so let me tell the procedure to download and run your showbox on mobiles and PCs. So here we go:

Showbox for PC on windows 7 8 10 & MAC :

Though,  showbox is not run directly in the computers, so you have to download an emulator for this purpose. In this tutorial I’m going to tell you the procedure of downloading showboxapk for windows and mac as well because they all have the same process:

Showbox for PC on windows XP 7 8 MAC

Showbox for PC on windows XP 7 8 MAC

  • So the very first step is to download any emulator from the internet as you can play show box on your pc with the help of emulator only. So I recommend you to download blue stacks Android emulator
  • Once the bluestacks is downloaded then click on the icon on your pc. now click on it to run it.
  • Download Showbox Apk file from the button below.


  • Then right click on the file and select open apk with bluestacks handler as shown below

install showbox apk using bluestacks

  • Showbox apk will be automatically installed by blustacks handler. But you won’t see the showbox app in the bluestacks menu
  • Dont worry! Just restart bluestacks as shown below. {You can see bluestacks icon at the right bottow of your PC right click and select restart}

restart bluestacks

  • Now you can see that showbox app has been downloaded onto your pc and you can see the showbox app in your bluestacks main menu as shown below.Showbox app on bluestacks
  • Double click on it, when you open showbox for the first time it takes a little time to load and start watching movies.

After getting it installed, you will be free to open it anytime you want, without any issues, and the same process is there in case of mac devices.

Now jumping to another platform, that is mobile phones. So if you want to download and use showbox in your android phones or iphones or ipads so just follow the instruction written below:

Showbox Apk Download : Showbox for android phones

Well, this includes simple and very convenient steps to download showbox for android phones, and they are:

showbox for android : showbox apk download

showbox for android : showbox apk download

  • The very first step is to download showbox apk file from the button below.


  • Even if you are done with the downloading, you still won’t be able to install the apk file because you have not allowed your device to accept apps from unknown sources. Then go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and chose the option to allow apps from Unknown sources as shown in the picture below.

Allow apps from unknown sources

  • Now go to the location where you have downloaded the showboxapk on your mobile . Usually this happens to be downloads folder on your phone double click on it to start showbox app.
showbox for android

showbox for android

  • Start streaming movies from your Android phone.

Showbox for IOS : Download Showbox for iPhone, iPad

So, after the installation of this app in windows, mac,and android, here I’m with the guide to download this awesome app in the iphones.

Showbox for IOS : Download showbox for iPhone & iPad

Showbox for IOS : Download showbox for iPhone & iPad

  • The first step is to download showbox app for iphone. As showbox is not availble for ios, I suggest you to download moviebox app which is the best alternative for showbox available today.
  • You can download moviebox app for ios from the link here.
  • After clicking on this app tap on “next “and accept its terms and conditions. Now sit back and relax this will automatically get installed in your iphone.
  • Hence, you are done with the installing procedure now you can open your app by clicking in the icon appeared in the home screen.
  • You will find that this app has opened in your iphone and now you can stream unlimited movies and TV serials that too for free of cost.

So, this was all about showbox ,an app with many amazing feature that can make your day. I hope you will find these stuffs informative and will surely help you in kicking away your boredom. As now after installing showbox on your devices you can have an access to all the movies and shows around the world with no hidden charges, show box is easy, convenient, simple to use and provides you movies in HD quality.

Showbox not loading 2017 : showbox not working errors fix Guide

Showbox not working 2017 : If you are a movie lover, then you must be knowing a lot about this application. It provides you unlimited movies and TV serials, and not just streaming but downloading too without costing you a single penny. It has movies of all genre and whichever movie you want to watch you will get it here, all in HD quality. It provides you subtitle in many language, so it would be a blessing for some non-English natives to watch their favourite movies in their native languages. It also let you download all of the videos in MP3 format too. All these features together proved to a stand out for this app and hence gaining a massive amount of its lovers.

But sometimes you will witness some problem in running this application. Today, I will cover up some possible causes of errors and also provide you with all the possible solutions. So, let’s begin with it.

Showbox not working : Showbox not loading errors fix Jan 2017

‘Showbox Video is not available’. What to do now?

While using ShowBox application on your device, many-a-times when you click on the movie or TV series’ video of your choice to watch you will be directed to a page which says ‘video is not available’ and at that time your heart break into pieces and you start questioning yourself why you even downloaded this application first of all.There is no need to hate this app because sometimes this error may occur but that doesn’t mean this app doesn’t have that video,Follow the below steps to fix the error

  1. All you need to do is go to you setting and then your app section where you will find your favourite app, Showbox, now just clear all the data and clear cache as shown belowdownload
  2. Now you must update the application as you might be using an older version of ShowBox which doesn’t contain your video, as every new update bring a lot of latest and hit movies and video with it.
  3. So the best possible solution is through updating.

ShowBox application ain’t working or has stopped working

As this application has very frequent updates, so you won’t be having any problem with errors of such type because these kinds of problems severs as a major problem to the apps which very rarely updates.

  1. All you have to do is check for all the new updates and keep updating this app every time it has a new update otherwise you will be using an older version which may have stopped working.
  2. Also, if there is no update and you get such type of errors, then you must delete the data and clear the cache by going to settings,section of your Phone.
  3. Even if the error doesnt fix uninstall the Showbox app and then reinstall, the bug will be fixed.

If you still get such type of errors, then you must check the compatibility of your device with this app. Many-a-times you will find that the app is not supported by your device, at this time consider downloading ShowBox alternatives which is compatible with your device.

Lucky Patcher Apk : Download Lucky Patcher iOS, Android No Root

Lucky Patcher Apk No Root : Check how to download lucky patcher ios app & lucky patcher apk for android in this new tutorial. For those of you who don’t know about lucky patcher app. Lucky Patcher Apk is one of the best Android hacking apps which can also modify some other apps which is already on your device. In case if you want to remove license verification or delete the excessive amount of Ads or provide a custom patch for changing app behavior, control app permission or you can even save a modified app like the Apk file for any other devices. Lucky Patcher Apk is absolutely a customizer app available for the Android. There is no doubt that the Android device OS is ruling in all over the world.

Lucky Patcher Apk : Download lucky patcher for Android & iOS

lucky patcher apk download

What is Lucky Patcher? Lucky Patcher is a tool which offers you series of features that will be used in manipulating the apps for making the best use of any neglected apps.

Although the Lucky Patcher sounds like cracker tool but apart from it might be like the function is completely different. It is an essential tool that just not only manipulates the apps but is also very helpful in some other circumstances as well.

Lucky Patcher Apk Features

It is one of the coolest apps that will make you control with your installed android apps. Some of the features of the Lucky are mentioned below:

  • It can completely control the behavior of the installed apps.
  • It can remove in-app advertisements.
  • At the time of booting, you can patch up an application.
  • It also saves your battery life in a unique way, the battery with lasts at least 8 hours without charging.
  • It can change the permission of any app.
  • It can remove the license verification or license check in app.
  • It can run apps under special conditions.
  • It can patch up apps or modify general behavior changing its components.
  • It can also save modified app in a form of Apk file which can be used later in other devices as well.
  • It can even remove an association with the Google Play.
  • It can also check if the app is modified from the original form.

 How to download the Lucky Patcher Apk

Actually, there is no Lucky Patcher App available on the Google Play which makes us compelled to go for the offline download. So that leaves us only one choice, and that is going forward for the Luck Patcher Apk file, you can find the Apk version on its official website.

Here I come with some tips that you will find quite helpful. So go through the process as I am about to mention below:lucky patcher apk download

  • At first download the Apk file of Lucky Patcher from here.
  • After you finish downloading go for the Phone Settings> tap on Security > next, enable the “Unknown sources” options.
  • Now it will let your Android device to run the Apk file which is downloaded on your device.
  • Tap on the downloaded Apk file and install it which will be shown in a pop-up a dialog box.
  • Accept the term and conditions which will be appearing on the screen.
  • Shortly the install process will begin and will be ready for use on your Android device.
  • Since now the installing process will be complete you can now start using the Lucky Patcher App for manipulating the app of your Android device.

How to download Lucky Patcher App using BlueStacks?

Lucky Patcher is an amazing and important App which works almost on any Android device which works from free of cache or any unwanted data. The Lucky is also available for Windows PC. For installing the Lucky Patcher App on your Windows PC, you should install the BlueStacks emulator.

lucky patcher apk download

Below I have mentioned some few easy steps to download the BlueStacks emulator just go through it.

  • At first, download the BlueStacks App from its official website
  • Now install the BlueStacks App by tapping on the Apk file.
  • Launch the emulator by selecting on the search bar to search the Lucky Patcher.
  • Select the Google store for downloading the App.
  • Now tap on to install by accepting the terms and conditions.
  • As the app will be installed by itself on your PC windows as the Lucky Patcher gets downloaded.
  • When the procedure is completed, you can view the App icon in the menu of Apps emulator.

Al last the Lucky Patcher App is ready to be used for your Windows PC. Launch the BlueStacks emulator whenever you want to run the Apps. The Lucky Patcher App will provide your Windows PC Operating system that provides the entire features tools which may be hidden in your Android device.

How to use Lucky Patcher Apk file?

Lucky Patcher Apk has many types of features here will be shown to modify an app and some of the steps to use the Lucky Patcher Apk file-

  • The first step, tap on the Lucky Patcher Icon for running it.
  • Now you will find a list of installed apps select any of the apps on which you want to work.
  • On your screen a menu of the list will be appearing with a different customization process, you can choose on which you want to work.

As an app manipulator, the Lucky Patcher hardly falls under the criteria from the official listed of the Android app. So just for safety purpose better keep a backup on your device data before you use the APK.

Risks for using Lucky Patcher App

Lucky Patcher App is an awesome tool app for what it is capable of. The device which is used by the app usually turn out to be stuck at the boot loop. Anyway, the error occurred can be fixed by rooting the device again. You also might have seen that many device crashes from time to time. The reason of such errors may be for using the Lucky Patcher App on an unsupported device. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the tool.

Your device can also get crash if you try to patch up any apps. In order to fix such problems exit the app on which you were about to patch up. There can also be one more reason for a error that is the busy box issues. Fix the error issues by downloading the Lucky Patcher Apk file again or try to install it again.

These are some of the required information on Lucky Patcher Apk file or Lucky Patcher App. If you have any doubts or want me add more information related on the topic. Please comment below and keep the visiting this page for more updates on Lucky Patcher Apk.

Videoder Apk Download for Android Phones {Latest Version}

Videoder Apk Download : Want to download movies, videos, music from YouTube or from popular online sites than Videoder Apk is best App to use. This Apk is designed to install on Android, iOS, Blackberry and other popular Smartphone platforms. The best part about Videoder Apk is it brings entire entertainment in our handsets. The content which is available in Videoder timeline is added form top videos streaming sites. So there is every chance to find all your favorite videos or moves here. It was very hard to find the videos or movies URL from YouTube and then copy them to other video downloading site to install. But by using Videoder App all this issues will be solved and you will feel easy to download any movies.

Videoder Apk Download for Android Phones :

videoder apk download for android

Videoder provides the videos or movies or clips in different quality, which makes easy to download even in low speed. Also all your downloaded videos will be saved in SD card and can be streamed in Offline. In this article you will find the guide to use the Videoder Apk and also to download it in easy way to Android device. Make you also read the features list to get more information about the Videoder downloading App.

How to Use Videoder Apk :

You will enjoy using the Videoder Apk in your device once you know how to use it correctly. Many have downloaded the Videoder but don’t know how to use it exactly. So just read the below steps and you will get more information about Videoder.

  • Download the Videoder Apk and then launch it in your Android device
  • Once you launch this App you will need to follow few automatic steps to start
  • On main screen all the top viewed and rated videos will appear on screen
  • At left side in the setting menu, there are option for fast access
  • Playlist to add popular videos, Favorite to streamed only favorite videos or movies
  • Search the videos or movies based on their genre and year
  • Stream them in 3GP, MP4, FLV and other different formats
  • Also download in same format along with different HD quality
  • Use download option to view the downloaded videos

Features for Videoder Apk :

Below are few features of Videoder Apk that will give you glance look to use it.

  • Get all popular videos or movies on screen to download for free
  • Stream and download the videos at same time
  • Download in different quality from 260p to 1080p
  • Use HD option to download videos only in HD clarity
  • Share the popular video links to your friends through share option
  • Use chrome cast option to stream mobile videos on big screen
  • Download any videos in even low data speed but in low quality
  • Use offline option to download the videos and stream them when you’re moving out

Download Videoder Apk For Android Device :

Getting the Videoder downloaded in any Android device is very easy and also simple. The process which we have given below has been adopted by many users. So feel free to use these steps and get Videoder Apk installed in your device. It is mandatory that your device must be having upgraded Android version downloaded.


Download Videoder Apk On Android

  • Firstly go to device settings and enable the Unknown Sources Option to agree
  • Only after enabling this option, you can proceed with below given installation steps
  • Download the latest Videoder Apk version available from Google
  • Get this Apk moved to device SD card for easy performance
  • Tap on the downloaded Apk file form SD card and click on install button
  • Again tap on Videoder Terms & Condition to start the installation process
  • As the third Apk option is enabled, this Videoder Apk will start getting installed
  • It may hardly take few seconds and later the icon will be ready to use
  • Videoder App icon will be added to Apps Menu of your device to use

Finally we have got the Videoder Apk installed in Android Smartphone or Tablet using the manual process. If you have any further queries regarding this installation steps, ask them in comment box.  Also don’t forget to reset the setting changes that were made while starting the installation.

Alternatives for Videoder :

Videoder Apk is easy to use and very simple Application for Android devices. There were few bucks kind of things appeared in this App and also many users were unable to get Videoder Apk installed. So for those who want to use Videoder App but are not comfortable with it, we have got few best alternatives. So choose anyone from these two alternatives of Videoder and get them installed by using same installation process.

  • TubeMate App:

TubeMate the exactly replica of YouTube Online video streaming site is free to download on Android devices. IT will bring you options to stream and also to download videos in different quality without much risk. Just one taps and gets your favorite movies or videos downloaded using TubeMate App. You make sure you have downloaded the latest version to enjoy its new features and also place this Apk in SD card to get all downloaded videos in SD card.

  • SnapTube Apk:

SnapTube is another Videoder alternative which has got similar features to use. It is a score of many features that will be make a video lover amazed. I prefer SnapTube App to get my videos or movies downloaded in very easy way. Also the videos here are free to download and also in many different qualities.

Get more information about this Videoder alternatives App from their main Article and get them downloaded in your device to start exploring the entertainment.

Conclusion :

I hope I have covered all the points to get the Videoder Apk installed, how to use this Apk in Android device and also the alternative. So read out the whole article and you will get to know about the Videoder and also if you found any doubt in this, let us know in below comment section. I will thankful if you share our article it your friends and family.

Mobdro Apk Download : Mobdro App For Android OS Free

Mobdro Apk Download : Mobdro App is a TV channel streaming app that has earned its name amongst the top streaming service apps. Well I’ve been using Mobdro for a long time because this app is swift to use which makes it easier to browse between different channels. No other streaming app provides live TV channel feed which is provide by Mobdro and for this feature alone I like this app.  Mobdro app allows users to browse channels of different Genre, category, region and language as they like it.

We can even select the video HD quality which mostly depends on our preference. This app has been released for Android and IOS OS which makes it compatible on most of the devices. Developers are releasing new versions which will fix the earl bugs and issues you might face.


In this post I will be explaining you step by step how to download and install Mobdro apk on Android platform easily. Well you can use the Play Store service directly but some users prefer latest apk version over the old school Google Play service.

Mobdro App Features

We might have used different TV show streaming app and online source but none can beat Mobdro which has set its high standards of quality and great user interface. Well these little features might not make you believe how awesome Mobdro is, so start reading the top notch feature of this app directly.

  • We can stream any TV Channel with just few clicks on the screen
  • Mobdro app has been officially released for Android and IOS platform
  • It comes with a swift and pleasant user interface that is both usable and fast
  • There are channels from all over the globe and you can pick one of them
  • Stream live channel feed right of your Android smartphone in HD
  • You can pick to stream in different video HD quality as you like
  • Browse TV channels based on country, region, language and Genre as well

Download Mobdro Apk For Android OS – Install Mobdro App On Android

Mobdro app is a full fetched TV channel streaming app for Android platform that comes with few of the best streaming options in the market. So if you love watching TV shows all day long then this show might be fit for you. So let me show you how easy it is to download the Mobdro app for Android.

  • So firstly open your Android and follow this Mobdro Apk download link
  • Save the apk file on your device and next double tap over it
  • This will start the Mobdro app installation now
  • Wait till the time the app completes installation
  • In no time we will have Mobdro Apk installed on our device!

The above steps will show you how to get Mobdro for Android using Apk file from third party source. But you can download the app officially from Google Play Store as well.

I guess you guys know how to install Mobdro app from Play Store app directly, which is pretty easy indeed. And once you’ve got Mobdro app installed it will be time to start streaming to watch your favorite shows and movies on different TV channels.

If you face any kind of trouble or difficulties then let me know then in below comments section and we will try to solve them as soon as possible. Hope you liked this guide and if you do, then post your feedback below along with sharing this post online.

Popcorn Time Apk Download for Android Latest Version APK*

Popcorn Time Apk: Popcorn Time app might not be your first choice of entertainment but after reading this guide you will mind doing it. It has been in the market for a long time and millions of users love to use this app to stream, watch movies and shows without buffering that make it awesome to use. We all love to watch movies and finding a pleasant app that stream without any buffering and that too for free of cost makes it worth using.

Popcorn Time comes with some influential features that would summarize this app as a pretty intense one. So to select and stream a video, we just have to find the movie or show episode we are looking to watch. Then select it and we are asked to choose between different HD video options that range from 320p to 1080p. You might select a video depending on your data connection or Wi-Fi service and then click on play button. Well it was quite simple to use this app to play movie with just few clicks of button and you might find it pretty easy to use as the UI is excellently made for viewer to browse.

Popcorn Time Apk Download for Android :

download popcorn time apk for android

We can add titles to my favourite section where all our favourite titles can be viewed and be used in future. This app is based on torrent seeding which makes video streaming an ease and there would be least of buffering indeed. Well in this guide we will find out how you my download Popcorn Time Apk for Android.

Popcorn Time For Android Download – Why to select Popcorn Time App?

Well this might be a hard question for viewers who have been using other streaming service but using Popcorn time could turn good as well. This app gives you daily updates that no other app does which makes it a good choice. On the other hand this app has been released for Android and IOS platform that gives users from both OS an option to use this service.

And the most important thing is we get weekly update and more fixes from developers that can help you fix bugs and more.

Download Popcorn Time Apk For Android OS 2016

Popcorn Time app has been a great choice for those who love to stream, watch Movies and Shows in HD format. So, I guess you might be interested to download Popcorn Time app for Android by following below steps.

  • So initially we need to download Popcorn Time apk for Android from here
  • We can directly download it to SD card or transfer it from windows PC
  • Now the next thing is to double tap on the Apk file and begin installation
  • The app will now start to install and will take a little time
  • And finally we will have Popcorn Time app installed successfully!

Thanks for taking your time to watch and read this post about Popcorn Time for Android using the app apk file. I guess this guide will surely help you download and run Popcorn Time app without any errors indeed.

But if you still face any problems then post them in the below comments section and we will answer them soon.

PopCorn Time For PC : Download Popcorn time App on Windows & Mac

Popcorn Time For PC: Popcorn Time is a well-known and one of the amazing streaming app for Android and IOS platform. This app comes with great options and the most important one is that we can stream Movies and TV shows without any problem. But this app is little different from other streaming ones as it uses live torrents to stream videos. So, I suggest you to select the torrent video which has more number of seeders which will give no buggering problem too.

On the right side of the app we can see the particular TV shows or Movie ratings, description which help users to know more about it. In my view Popcorn Time is a package of entertainment that can be downloaded for free of cost.

PopCorn Time For PC and Laptop : Windows & Mac

Download PopCorn Time For PC Windows XP/7/8/10

So you would like to stream a TV shows, then just search for it using the search option by typing in the title. Or else you can select between different Movie and TV show genres, which can be sorted using best rated, top rated and many more.

Well the app itself suggest you to use VPN to browse and stream videos which avoids any further risks involved.

In this guide we will be learning how to download Popcorn Time For PC without any problem. So, we will be making use of Popcorn Time Apk along with Andyroid emulator to install the app on windows. But you can also make use of Bluestacks emulator instead of Andyroid, and continue reading below.

Popcorn Time Features

Well many of us have heard that this app has some of the best streaming features that’s what makes it special. So, let me list out some of the amazing features we know about this app.

  • This app comes with a pretty interesting UI which is comfortable to browse
  • We can even make use of the web version to stream and watch movies, shows
  • Popcorn Time app receives frequent updates that makes it secure
  • This app has been released for both Android and IOS platform
  • We can browse movies and TV shows in different HD formats
  • You can select to choose between different language subtitles
  • Watch torrent movies directly without buffering
  • No need of downloading movies, direct stream

Download Popcorn Time For PC Windows XP/7/8/10

Popcorn Time app has been a fine choice to stream and watch TV Shows, Movies without any problem. So, it would be a great thing if you can download this app on your windows desktop platform by following the below steps.

PopCorn Time For PC and Laptop

  • First thing to do is to download Andyroid Android emulator for Windows from here
  • Now you need to install the Android emulator by following basic steps
  • In third step we need to download Popcorn Time Apk from here
  • Next step would be to open the Apk file and then right click over it
  • After that select to Open with and tap on install using “Andyroid” option
  • Installation begins and will continue till it is completed

Finally after sometime we will have Popcorn Time installed for pc!

So we have now installed Popcorn Time for Windows PC without any error. Now you can watch movies and TV shows in format HD on your desktop platform with ease.

If you like this guide share it online with your friends and make sure to post your feedback below by posting in comments section below.

Download Prisma app for iPhone, iPad & IOS Devices

Prisma for iPhone : People across the world are turning amateur photos into elaborate works of art with a new viral app by using a great app that has just launched a few weeks back and has got more than 7.5 million users visiting to stores on a daily basis for downloading this app. As there are a number of apps that can convert your photos into paintings but they don’t provide you a very good quality of Images. There are plenty of apps and Photoshop filters that can do the job for you, but the effect is pretty limited.

Well, in this article I am going to introduce you to the most popular photos editing app nowadays, that is ‘Prisma app’ and I will also tell you the entire process included in the downloading procedure. Along with that I am also going to highlight every damn feature of this app. So without any delay let us jump to the introduction of this app.

What is prisma app all about?

Prisma has been one of the most popular apps recently being a new app it provides you a very different experience of adding effects to your photos which will make your instagram filters failed in front of its editing. This app was first launched for the ios platform and due to its popularity this app is now also available for android platforms as well. It lets you convert your picture into works of art that will make you complete astonished.


This app is as easy to use as instagram and this app has a very good user interface as all the filters are inspired by famous paintings, prisma is absolutely free to use as editing you photos using prisma will not cost you a single buck it has no hidden or external charges at all. Prisma also allows you to share your edited pictures to your friends and family members without any cost and you can even share your pictures through Facebook, instagram etc.

After enough of introduction, let me drag your attention to the main content that is the tutorial of downloading this app in your iphones and ipads.  So you will be able to get this app in your phone by simply following these steps:

Download Prisma app for iPhone, iPad & IOS

  • As this app is available in the app store hence you can directly download this app from there.
  • So the very first step is to open your apple store, Once you have opened your app store go to the search bar that is located on the top of your screen click on it and type ‘prisma app’ over there and then click on ‘search’ to get it.
  • Now, you will see the app on the results, just tap on it.
  • Click on ‘install’ and then click on ‘next’ to confirm the installation and allow this app to get download in your iPhone.
  • Now, installation process may take few more minutes and when it will get done it will notify you now you can open it and start editing.

So that how you can download this amazing app in your device and get your pictures done with the painting effects.

Cinemabox for PC : Download Cinemabox on Windows & Mac

Cinemabox for pc : We all desire for entertainment to spice up our life. We all love watching movies and sitcoms and we need a partner to spend a lazy day. May times we waste our whole day looking out for the perfect link and downloading it. So to minimize the hard work, an app name Cinemabox came into existence. It is a complete free app which gives you option to watch your favorite movies and sitcoms online. Not only that you can even take it down to offline and watch it later on when you do not have internet connection. Cinemabox gives you option to choose your own preferred resolution. You can watch your favorite shows in HD quality without paying anything extra. Now think watching your shows on bid screen i.e. on your PC. Yes you can have this app in your pc by following few simple steps.

Cinemabox for PC,Laptop on windows XP 7 8 and Mac

There are many alternatives for cinemabox like showbox ,moviebox playbox and popcorntime HD, but still cinemabox outperforms all of them.

cinemabox for pc laptop on windows and mac

How to download cinemabox on windows PC & Laptop :

Let us go through the steps you need to go through before you can use this app.

  1. Cinemabox is an android app but it not present in the Google Playstore. Well, it is not because the app is not god enough but it is because Google Playstore has too many guidelines that an ap should follow before they can officially be in the store. And in case they violate on the rule the app gets banned.
  2. So to get this banned app there is another simple way that we can follow. It is the apk download. It is a way of Google to compensate against banning the apps.
  3. But before you acquire the app you need to fulfill a special requirement in your PC. You need to download an emulator or BlueStacks. This emulator will act as third party software and allow you to download any free android app you want.
  4. Downloading BlueStacks is simple. You need to go to our desired browser and go to web address This is the official site to download BlueStacks. There you will find the install button hit the button and the setup file will start downloading.cinemabox
  5. Once the download is complete, run the file and follow the steps and BlueStacks will be installed in your laptop in few minutes.
  6. After installing BlueStacks, go to your desired search engine and search for Cinemabox apk. The search engine will give you your desired results immediately.
  7. Select the suitable link from the results. It is suggested that you select the most recent and updated link or else you will need to update the app as soon as you install it. To avoid additional chaos download the updated link.
  8. After you are done with the download, right click on the link and run it with BlueStacks. You can now install the app.
  9. After the installation you can find your app in BlueStacks’ All Apps.

How to download Cinemabox for Macbook :

Cinemabox is not available for any of the iOS devices officially. Don’t get dissapointed we can help you out. Just follow the below steps to download cinemabox for mac.

  1. Download google chrome browser if you already have the chrome browser installed on you mac, then skip to step-2
  2. Goto Extension and add “ARC Welder Download” extension to your chrome browser. ARC welder turns all the apks into apps to use on your browser.
  3. Then Simply click on “Add App”
  4.  Open a new tab in your chrome browser and press ‘Apps’  as shown belowopen-apps
  5. You will get a list of apps from that select ARC Welder App as shown in the below  picture.launch-arc-welder
  6. You need choose a directory to load the apks. select as shown below hit-choose-in-arc-welder
  7. Download cinemabox apk to your mac. For that you need to Click here.
  8. In ARC Welder there’s a Add Apk option click on that and add the cinemabox apkhit-add-apk-in-arc-welder
  9. That’s it Enjoy now you can Cinemabox App on mac.

This app no doubt created a stir among the masses and gaining popularity every day. So do not hesitate to download this app and enjoy the bliss of the app.

Best Showbox Alternative Apps for iPhone, iPad & IOS

Best Showbox Alternatives : Showbox has proved it as the best app around worldwide with more than 30 million of users.  Moreover 100000 of users visit on showbox per day in search of movies, videos, and TV shows. Showbox allows its users to watch unlimited music videos and movies in good quality. With its amazing features showbox has become most popular app for watching movies, as it is available in different languages.

There are always competitors of a champion, the same way showbox have got may similar apps you may call them as the alternatives of showbox. No doubt, they are absolutely amazing and with many features that can make you astonished.

Best Showbox alternatives Apps for iPhone, iPad & IOS :

So without any delay let me tell you the other similar apps of showbox who works on the same path.

Best showbox alternatives for iphone ipad

Best showbox alternatives for iphone ipad

Cinemabox HD

It is a great alternative to showbox app as it has a very simple and easy user interface; this is not at all complicated, as it is very easy to use. It has thousands of movies, latest and old ones both. It streams movies in HD quality which is another plus point of it. Even it allows you to download movies in HD quality. You have a choice in picking up the resolution of the movie you want to download. It has listed movies on the basis of their genre which proves to be very useful in finding out the movies of our interest. It has got very high rating. And that’s why this is one of the best alternative to showbox app for your ios device.

Playbox HD

As the name suggest, it is a movie and video streaming application which is indeed a great alternative of show box app. it allows you to download as well as stream movies in HD quality. Also, you got to pick up the resolution in which you want to watch the movie. The best thing about this app is that if you are an adult and have kids who are below, then you don’t have to worry because it has a separate section just for children which have all the videos approved for kids. Along with it, it has a recommended list of movies which you may like to watch. These all properties and features of this app make it another best substitute of showbox app for ios devices.


Crackle app

Crackle app is also a best substitute for showbox app of ios device, as crackle app allows you to stream full-length movie of Hollywood, Bollywood, and all those top TV shows without buffering and on HD quality so that the users of crackle may not suffer any problem while streaming videos and movies. Crackle app is absolutely free for all its ios users as well as android users too. The best thing or feature about this app is that it allows you to save your watch list on it making it easy for you to watch your favorite videos again and again. It adds content from those very popular sites and provides it to its users.

This was all about the other apps similar in features to showbox. So, if now your showbox undergoes unexpected errors then don’t worry download these apps for free and enjoy the astonishing services of these amazing apps.

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